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I’m terrible at blogs, but I started a weight loss one with some success. I stick with it, reblog a crap ton, and it keeps me motivated. And, honestly, I could use some motivation when it comes to my practice. I used to read all the time, and even casted a spell or two. Now? This past year has been a rough one on my mentally, and I’m trying to get myself together, find balance in my life, and reconnect with my spirituality.

I’m a mother of three lovely babies. I’m trying to raise my family to be planet-friendly, healthy inside and out, and to make the most of any situation. My oldest, Harley Quinn, is in preschool, and she absolutely adores it. They don’t celebrate religious holidays in the schools anymore, they just celebrate the changing of the seasons (lucky us, right!). The middle child, Carmella (nicknamed “Carma” which a lot of my Pagan friends find awesome), is kind of a terror. She was born screaming and hasn’t stopped. But we love her just the same. She’s getting cuter everyday! Logan, the newest addition, is 4 months old today. He sits with support, laughs a ton, coos all cute like, and squeals when he sees me.

I’m also engaged to their father, Jason (Jay). He’s not a witch, or any kind of Pagan. He’s an Atheist, but he humors me and even asks questions about this topic or that holiday. He’s a wonderful father, and I couldn’t have asked the Goddess for a better partner.

As I said before, I’ve sort of lost touch with my spirituality and my magical self. I’m going to spend my days slowly getting back into the habit of having a magical mindset. I’m going to drop bad habits, pick up some good ones, and getting back to practicing my craft. I still haven’t even come close to mastering it, so that’s something I also have to work on. By this time next year, I hope to be casting spells, brewing magical teas, and making Sabbat crafts with the kids.

I’ll be gathering materials from nature (like snow for my blessed water or pine cones for peanut butter bird feeders), drying my own herbs, and making my own essential oils.

I’m hoping that this blog can be a daily reminder, guide, and keeper of my thoughts and such throughout the next year. As one of my resolutions was to get back into my faith and practice, I think this blog will definitely help things along.

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